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60 euros for a T-shirt!?

Living a conscious yet fashion-oriented lifestyle, one of the biggest problems we came across was finding organic, fair-trade and affordable clothes. It started with the struggle to find just a simple white T-shirt. It got even more real when we did find them, yet had to pay 40 to 60 euros for one! Who on earth would pay all that for a simple white T-shirt?! Thus, we decided to tackle the problem by addressing all of these issues ourselves.

Skip the middle-man

After coming up with the idea of an organic and fair-trade apparel brand, we soon realized that one of our main goals was to keep the prices as low as possible. We noticed that €60 T-shirt brands existed in the first place because of a thing called retail. Normally a brand uses a retail store as a ‘middle man’, which causes the price to shoot up. So we simply decided to cut out the middle man and sell from us the brand, directly to you the customer.

Therefore we are able to offer you, for example, organic basic T-shirts for €14,95. Not too shabby, right? The even better news is that we are constantly working on improving our prices further, so watch this space!