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Interview with Loulou and Isabella Machiné

Get Inspired | Read the interview we had with vegan sisters Loulou and Isabella Machiné.

Must-see cities in Europe during the holidays

Having Fun | December is here and the festive vibes are quickly spreading all around. Check our tips for must visit European Christmas cities.

Vegan mac and cheese recipe that will warm your heart

Everything Vegan | Short days, little light, harsh winds, dry skin… Can you use a virtual hug? Try our mac and cheese recipe for extra comfort during the harsh winter days!

Homemade must-haves to beat the flu season

Green Life | Sniffle season is upon us! That means we need to take extra care of our bodies to keep strong. Here is how.

Need a health boost? Get walking!

Get Inspired | There is no simpler exercise out there than good old walking. It is easy and free, and it brings a world of health benefits to our body and mind.

Why you should smile more

Have Fun | According to science smiling brings a world of good to yourself, and to those around you! Here are a few reasons why you should turn that frown upside down.

Meet some of our favourite eco friendly fashion brands

Green Life | Sharing is caring, so take a look at our favourite kick-ass green brands that are slowly taking over the world.

Top vegan hotspots worldwide

Everything Vegan | Check out these kick ass restaurants that serve the best vegan plates!

Re-use your old T-shirts

Green Life | Don’t toss anything before cutting it into a new edgy style. Here is how.

Green Living apps to make life easier

Green Life | Check out these easy and fun apps to make your green life easier!