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The World’s first Vegan Mini-Mall

Yes, you read it right. In America, Portland to be precise, you can find a strip mall with stores dedicated exclusively to the vegan cause. – Brb, off to book a plane ticket, you coming?

The city’s history with vegetarianism goes way back, in fact it already had 4 vegetarian establishments by the start of the 20th Century. How cool? Nowadays, Portland is known as one of America’s most vegan-friendly cities, some even calling it ‘an oasis for vegans’. They even have a vegan Strip Club! What consists of a vegan Strip Club, you may ask? Well, all the food and drinks served are cruelty free, as are the garments that the strippers wear – no leather, no fur and so on.

Once you learn about the city’s ties with veganism, it only makes sense that they would be the pioneers of such an interesting idea as a vegan strip mall – which basically consists of an open-air strip with varied businesses arranged side by side. As friends that go way back, the owners came up with the idea to find a spot where they could work next door to one another every day and share their vision with others – and that’s exactly what they did.

Starting with Food Fight!, an all-cruelty-free grocery store in which you can find everything to cater to your needs. And we mean everything – skincare, home cleaning products, and of course, food and lots of it. Any vegan option imaginable, you’ll find here. From coconut bacon, to other plant-based meal alternatives, to snacks, baking goods, ice creams and an assortment of vegan cheeses. The message is clear: “We try our best to support our global community of bleeding-heart-do-gooders… by trying to keep the focus on the animals, the earth, and all the non-turd people in between.”

Speaking of food (always), it doesn’t end there, of course. A couple of doors down, the Sweetpea Bakery offers a wide range of mouth watering vegan treats, pastries, chocolates, coffee, breakfast and brunch.

When you think Mall, you think shopping, right? The place to go in that case is the Herbivore Clothing Company – where you’ll find a variety of clothing, fun vegan-themed T-shirts, bags and accessories from cruelty-free brands such as Matt & Natt (also sold at our Goat store). They also have a big selection of books, from cookbooks to educational and everything in between.

Like all of that is not enough, the mall also boasts of a vegan Tattoo Parlour – Scapegoat. If you didn’t know, most tattoo parlours use inks that contain animal by-products. But that’s not the case for these guys, with all of their materials being strictly cruelty-free.

The mall’s customer base is just as diverse, and, funnily enough, not all vegans! Tourists from all over the world stop by the area to check out the vibe, learn a little something about a different lifestyle or stock up on guilt-free treats. So whether you are a die-hard vegan, an enthusiast or just looking for a different experience, pay Portland a visit or hope your favourite vegan stores in town will get together for a similar idea in the future!