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Worldwide summer festival picks

If you live anywhere cold, like us, you know all about the antagonizing wait until Summer. The freezing, windy and rainy weather has everyone daydreaming of all around chirpier vibes, for the best part of the year. It’s almost time to put away those chunky scarves and start looking forward to some sun-blasting adventures. And what goes perfect with sunshine weather? Festivals! (Sure, beer too.) Taking a step back from too obvious a choices (we’re looking at you, Tomorrowland and Coachella.) – as a little variety never hurt anyone, right?

These festivals have more to offer than just fun, whether it’s a stunning bucket-list location or environmental awareness. Or both. Grab those wellies!


When: June
Where: Denmark

One of Europe’s oldest and biggest festivals with notorious line-ups, Roskilde is organized by their own charity society, which means all profits are used in humanitarian and cultural projects all over the world. Cool, right? There’s more: This year, 90% of the food is required to be organic and they will use solar cells generators. Their ‘Clean Out Loud’ camping area has also become somewhat of a haven for eco conscious campers, with some even taking part in recycling competitions. Lastly, Roskilde is also famous for their Naked Run every Saturday of the festival, which started out as a joke and gets bigger every year – Pun intended.

Chiemsee Summer

When: August
Where: Germany

Picture an idyllic utopian summer festival… Chiemsee is exactly that. It takes place in the Chiemsee Lake, also known as the Bavarian Sea, with four days of freedom, music, partying, swimming, camping and chilling all in one. This means cold drinks by the water, good live music, or for the more adventurous, activities like water sports are also available. Music wise, expect lots of Hip-hop, Rock, Reggae and Electro beats. We’re not complaining!

We Love Green

When: June
Where: Paris, France

The ultimate combination of cutting edge musical line-up, educational talks, workshops, debates and activities that are there for a clear reason: to address current environmental issues in a relevant manner and make you think, hopefully even care. The cherry on top being that all this happens in the heart of Paris. Yes, it is possible to have the time of your life AND care about the planet at the same time. We Love Green proves it.


When: June
Where: USA

If you didn’t already know, Bonnaroo is a creole slang word that means “a really good time”. Taking place in a gigantic farm in Manchester, Tennessee, USA, this festival is like as a younger sibling of Woodstock, and boy, it won’t let you down. Good music and art is very much the core of Bonnaroo, with a variety of stages and acts from Folk to Classic Rock to Jazz to Country! Sustainability and global consciousness also plays a big part; “Planet Roo” is an entire space dedicated to eco educating, relaxing with some yoga or just recharging energies. They also provide the fans with a yearly sustainability report to keep people in the know.

Wonderfruit Festival

When: December
Where: Thailand

Although relatively new, this ‘baby’ is more than just entertainment. The founder of Wonderfruit wanted to bring fun and awareness together so that more people could get involved in environmental issues! The result is an eco wonderland with lots of music, artistic performances, workshops and talks, not to mention amazing food by renowned chefs. An amazing platform to all that is relevant! Where do we sign up?

Envision Festival

When: February
Where: Costa Rica

Although a little while away, it is worth the wait. The fun takes place in some of nature’s purest landscapes, much of it still untouched by mainstream tourism. The Envision Festival is, in their words, “a celebration dedicated to awakening our human potential”. And celebrate you will, through music, dance, spiritualism, yoga, nature and nothing but positive vibes. Think of a spiritual retreat and festival mixed into one.