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Meet some of our favourite eco friendly fashion brands

Green Life | Sharing is caring, so take a look at our favourite kick-ass green brands that are slowly taking over the world.

Top vegan hotspots worldwide

Everything Vegan | Check out these kick ass restaurants that serve the best vegan plates!

Re-use your old T-shirts

Green Life | Don’t toss anything before cutting it into a new edgy style. Here is how.

Green Living apps to make life easier

Green Life | Check out these easy and fun apps to make your green life easier!

This vegan brownie recipe is everything!

Everything Vegan | They’re moist, chewy, chocolatey, basically a big warm hug in the shape of food. We are of course talking about brownies! Check out our very own recipe.

The World’s first Vegan Mini-Mall

Everything Vegan | A vegan mini mall, can you just imagine? Every city should have one. Here are the ins and outs on the one in Portland, Oregon.

Less is more: Less stuff means more simplicity

Green Life | Clear your mind, home and life by recycling or selling unnecessary stuff. Here’s how.

Worldwide summer festival picks

Have Fun | Girls (and boys) just wanna have fun! Right? We give you the best worldwide and green festivals.

Inspiring voices of our generation

Green Life | Leonardo Dicaprio, Moby, Stella McCartney. We don’t know about you, but we feel these are the people we want to see more of!

Sustainable Tips – Small changes, big difference.

Green Life | These adaptable sustainable tips mean you don’t have to bend over backwards to start making positive adjustments. Check it out!