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Top vegan hotspots worldwide

When the topic is food, we are more than a little passionate. Maybe you can relate, but once you become vegan, you start to view food (in) a whole different way, and you start to appreciate every single one of your meals. The whole thing becomes a big adventure of new things to try, especially when you go traveling – That’s where the real fun begins!
‘Vegans only eat grass’ is a thing of the past (was it ever really true anyway?!), and to prove it we went all around the world to bring you our favourite cruelty-free eats!


Watch out, Portland! The vegan scene here is growing by the minute, establishing Berlin as one of the most vegan-friendly cities in the world. Starting with Rawtastic, which is exactly what it sounds like – 100% raw and vegan. But don’t be fooled into thinking ‘raw’ equals boring, these guys have the healthy-and-delicious art totally mastered!

If you’re in the mood for something more laid-back and a little naughty, look no further than Vöner. Vegan Doners. Need we say more? The good news is that they have expanded to other cities in Germany too (Frankfurt, Bonn, Leipzig and Kassel), so next time you’re in town…

For a more special experience, check out Lucky Leek. It is one of the few vegan restaurants in the world awarded with a Michellin star. With fresh seasonal ingredients and a changing menu, we don’t think they’ll disappoint!


We know London can feel at times rushed and chaotic, that’s where Veggie Pret comes in to make us all smile. It’s basically a veggie/vegan version of the famous Pret a Manger chain that you find on every corner in London. Ever been in a rush and struggling to find decent vegan food on the go? This place is loaded with hot and cold food options that cater (to) all needs and tastes. If only there was one in every city!

Then we have Redemption Bar. London’s first wheat-free, sugar-free restaurant with an alcohol-free bar! Don’t be put off by the lack of alcohol, their cocktails are out of this world, you won’t miss it. Their motto is “spoil yourself without spoiling yourself’. We’re listening!

Now let’s talk about burgers. Because you need to try Mooshies creations! They have THE most amazing burgers. Yes, plural, so your only problem will be choosing which one, like BBQ jackfruit, or quinoa & black bean. And which sides… (Guacamole and fried plantain chips, I’m talking to you.)

New York
For vegan with a bang, try Candle 79. Their menu boasts of locally-sourced sustainable ingredients, which makes for not only amazing tasting dishes, they look the part too. The location is awesome for exploring NY, and the place itself is lovely and cosy, ‘gezellig’ if you will!

If desserts are your thing (yes), Sweets by Chloe will keep your sweet tooth happy with all of their recipes being 100% vegan, largely organic, and often also Gluten Free! In fact, the by Chloe restaurants are now in multiple NY locations, as well as Los Angeles, and in the near future, brace yourselves… London!


It’s our home, so trust us blindly on this. Can we start with the Vegan Junk food Bar? Burgers, traditional Dutch snack bites, loaded fries… Like it wasn’t enough, they have opened a second location with even more dishes, teaming up with other Amsterdam-based vegan kings.

Did we hear Fried Pizza? Yes, and that brings us to Mastino V, the city’s first gluten-free and vegan Pizzeria. The pizza flavours are interesting, creative and of course, you’ll struggle to choose. But that’s never a bad thing, right?

For a break from all the touristy chaos, Vegabond is a cute little café/store in the heart of iconic Jordaan, where you can sit and recharge your energies with vegan treats such as doughnuts, bowls and pastries. Or get some snacks to go from their shelves, loaded with all kinds of vegan products!

In a historical venue (a newly renovated tram depot) you will find the Foodhallen and the Kanarieclub. The concept of the Foodhallen was inspired by indoor food markets like the ‘Torvehallerne’ in Copenhagen, ‘Mercado de San Miguel’ in Madrid and the ‘Borough Market’ in London. Various hospitality concepts serve a selection of small (signature) dishes for locals and tourists to enjoy and they have a lot of vegan options! The Kanarieclub has an international allure and next to great cocktails and wines they serve the best vegan salad we have ever had (its not on the menu, but the chef is always happy to make you something yummy).