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Interview with Loulou and Isabella Machiné

Loulou and Isabella Machiné are two Amsterdam based sisters who committed themselves to living a fully conscious and vegan lifestyle. Next to living the life, they also promote their way of living through workshops and hosting vegan brunches at top notch Amsterdam hotspots such as Meatless District, Supperclub, The Hoxton and The Avocado Show (just to name a few). Through their umbrella platform ‘Go With The Glow’ they give tips and tricks on a vegan and conscious lifestyle, but you can also follow these Amsterdam It girls through their personal Instagram accounts to stay inspired. For Loulou click here and for Isabella here.

We sat down with the girls to ask them a few questions:

Are you vegan in everything you do?
Yes, we strive to! Because every product that comes from animals causes pain to animals, there is no ethical nor a humane way to do something wrong to an innocent being.

What is your motto in life?
Glow inside out! We believe that if you think good, do good and eat good your inner positive energy will radiate from the inside out and you will always look lovely!

What is your personal style?
We learned to be happy with a lot less stuff and clothes. So you won’t see us in the latest fashion trends. But when we do buy clothes we prefer sustainable brands. We like our clothes comfy, sustainable and cruelty free!

What is your favourite brand?
Everything from Geitenwollenwinkel, Matt & Natt, Teeki, ARMEDANGELS, vegan Dr. Martens, Stella McCartney, Real Fake Studios and off course Goat Organic Apparel.

What is your absolute favourite thing in your closet?
Yoga pants! And warm and soft sweaters.

Do you use fashion to express yourself?
We tend to say no, but actually not making a fashion statement is also a statement. We try to look good by doing good things instead of wearing beautiful stuff. So, in that way we use fashion to express that we don’t need so much stuff to be happy and look good. But of course, whenever we have an event, we like to put on something pretty and express how we feel that day!

Best vegan / conscious tip you have.
Remember that you always have a choice! Six times a day we can choose what to eat and we can choose where we spend our money on. And every euro we spend is a vote. Choose wisely!