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Green Living apps to make life easier

We have previously talked about consumerism and how it plays a big role in the environmental issues that we, as the world, are currently facing.

Here’s a quick example: Did you know that, according to a study made by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), 84% of all donated apparel in America – whatever you give away to charity etc – ends up being thrown away anyway. Yearly, this generates around 14 million tons of trash, we’re talking textile alone. That’s 40kg of clothes thrown away per person in a year!

The good news is that technology and our smart phones are here to help us put our good intentions into practice. There is an ever-growing number of apps solely intended to help you make better choices when it comes to green living. Check out some of our favourites:

Good On You – This much-needed app gives you relevant information on thousands of fashion brands and their impact on the people, the environment and the planet. Don’t worry, in case of major brand let-down, they steer you into the direction of similar-styled ethical brands in their database, all based on your style and the brands you like! How cool?

GoodGuide – Sometimes the relevant information isn’t displayed clear enough for us to know which product to choose from. This app offers a database of millions of food, beauty and household items rated on reliable scientific studies. You simply scan the product with your phone, and get all the info on how safe, green and socially responsible it is.

Oroeco – This interactive app lets you see your carbon footprint based on your daily routine. But it’s not out to shame you – it also offers you personalized solutions on where and how to improve. You can even share your progress on their online community and click with like-minded eco-warriors everywhere!

BlaBlaCar – CO2 car emissions can be tough to avoid. BlaBlaCar links you to other travellers heading the same way as you. Whether you are looking for a ride, have an empty seat to offer or fancy some company, it’s a fun way of saving money and helping the environment at the same time. Not to mention the stories to tell later!

Too Good To Go – Ever think about how much food all these restaurants throw away? Well, instead of ending up in the trash, apps like TooGoodToGo (or ResQ) connects you to restaurants, allowing you to order their ‘leftover’ food (usually for pick-up) at more affordable prices, before they shut down for the day! Take-away tonight, anyone?

Love Food Hate Waste – Speaking of waste, this app is our new kitchen buddy. It helps you come up with delicious meal ideas using just leftovers your have lying around. Just list them onto the app and the rest of the work is done for you. Except the actual cooking, duh!

Recycle Manager (Netherlands) – This educational app enables you to find your nearest recycling station and offers information on all kinds of disposable materials and how to recycle them. iRecycle (US), Recycle! (Belgium) and Recycle App (UK) are similar equivalents.

If you can’t find these in your country, try doing a google search for local apps with like-minded ideas. Chances are something very similar will be available in your neck of the woods.