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Homemade must-haves to beat the flu season

Sniffle season is upon us – that is, if you are on the north side of the globe like us goats! That means we need to take extra care of our bodies in order to keep strong. With the cold temperatures, colds and flu symptoms are just waiting for any excuse to pop up.

But how about instead of stocking your cupboards with pharmacy goodies, you give these homemade alternatives a try – cause nothing beats some TLC from Mother Nature!

Ginger and Lemon

Starting with the classics, this is a combo you simply need to get very close to during cold season. It boosts your immune system due to the vitamin C antioxidants found in the lemon, and the antimicrobial activity of ginger. Anti…what? Basically, it removes any harmful bacteria from your gut that could compromise your immune system. Ginger also works as a natural suppressant for nausea and dizziness. Make a jar of the stuff – generally two lemons, two generous pieces of ginger and some water (ideally warm but not necessarily), and drink it as needed throughout the day.

Apple cider vinegar

You may know Honey as your natural throat soother. But you can also find a natural remedy in apple cider vinegar. Due to its anti-bacterial properties, it helps fight the infection caused by bacteria; its acidity decreases the PH of the tissues, which stops the bacteria from growing. It is also a natural expectorant, so it aids you in loosening and expelling mucus, making it easier to breathe. Add it to salads, drinks, or drink a spoonful mixed with warm water in the mornings.

Raw garlic

We know, we know, the idea of ingesting raw garlic doesn’t sound fun to us either. But consuming it reduces the risk of getting risk in the first place. Not only that, it can also reduce the intensity of the flu symptoms. The catch is that you gotta chew, slice or crush it… close your eyes, go to your happy place and good luck!


Due to its active ingredient curcumin (high in vitamin C), it acts as an anti-inflamatory not only for sore throats and the likes, but also for other conditions such as muscle pain and injuries. For a cold busting ‘potion’ – try mixing 1 tbsp of ground turmeric, 1 piece of fresh ginger, the juice of at least 4 lemons/limes to 1L of water. Add agave/elderberry syrup or fresh orange juice to sweeten it up. You got yourself a powerful flu shot!


Used as medicine for thousands of years, Elderberry is a powerful flu-fighting gift of nature. Not only an immune system booster, a study found that, when consumed within 48 hours of first signs, it is able to reduce the duration of the flu as well as relieve its symptoms on an average of four days. Wow!

You can find dry elderberry at health stores, use it in some hot water to make a deliscious tea, or even homemade syrup that you can add to drinks and recipes.

Extra tips:

  • Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate – Teas, juices (not too much as they are sugar packed), soups and of course water. Do choose warm rather than cold drinks. We even enjoy drinking just hot water with nothing else. It’s soothing and keeps us cosy!
  • If you’ve tried everything but still continue to experience symptoms that cause you worry or discomfort, make sure you contact your doctor about it.
  • Keep your hands clean at all times! We know where they’ve been, but we can’t speak for everyone else we shake hands with, right?
  • Homemade face steams are known to relieve sinus inflammations, stuffy noses and sore throats. All you need is some boiling water, and your leaf of choice. We like eucalyptus leaves – around 2 tbsp to 1 L of water. You can also try peppermint, sage or thyme leaves.