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Meet some of our favourite eco friendly fashion brands

If you’ve read our story, you know how passionate we are about fashion, sustainability and fair standards. So it couldn’t be any different that these are major points we look for when shopping. So, seeing that sharing is caring, we wanted to share a little bit about these kick-ass green brands that, along with us, are slowly taking over the world!

Kings Of Indigo

These Amsterdam-based denim kings have the innovation of fabrics and production (minimal use of water and chemicals) as their core. Over 90% of the raw materials they use is sustainable. Thats when they’re not using recycled polyester, wool etc… Plus have you seen their collections?! They are as cool as it gets.

Melissa Shoes

The Brazilian sweethearts in the world of footwear have been around for almost 30 years. Their colourful and fashionable designs are crowd-pleasers for all generations. In Brazil, they are as famous as it gets. The recognizable plastic shoes are made from eco-friendly mono materials that can be dissembled and recycled. And 100% cruelty-free! If you don’t know them and shoes are your thing, now is the time!


Combining casual, cool and super fun prints and patterns, German Armedangels are now one of the main go-to vegan clothing brands. Much like us at Goat, they do not close their eyes to the abuses in the fashion industry, using only organic and certified materials such as Tencel and cotton. And their collections get cooler by the season – true story!

Matt & Natt

This Montreal-based brand has upped the vegan bags game like no other. With sophisticated, stylish and practical collections, they have proven that fashion does not have to mean suffering. Their social and environmental responsibility means that only recycled products are used in the making of their products. Approximately, 21 bottles are recycled for each bag they produce! Awesome!

Mud Jeans

They take the denim game to a whole new level. Their ‘circular’ mindset means that you have the option to lease their jeans and they maintain ownership of the raw materials. Sounds strange? Humour us. It means if you have any rips or issues, they will get it fixed for you and, after 12 months of owning a pair, they will contact you to see if you’re ready for a brand new pair. So they’re basically recycling your clothes. Fresh jeans, guilt free! But if it sounds a little too out there for you, of course the option of buying is also available.


Founder Javier Goyeneche nailed it: “(…)there is no need to use our world’s natural resources in a careless way”. So from that basis, he founded Ecoloaf in 2009. What started out as shoes has grown into a large fashion and lifestyle brand that uses breakthrough technology ???? what technology??? to create clothing and accessories made entirely from recycled materials. #becausethereisnoplanetb

Dr Bronners

German/Jewish soapmaking family man Emmanuel Bronner found Dr. Bronner in 1948. He used the labels on his eco soaps to spread messages of unity at those difficult times: “We are All-One or None!”. The founder’s message stands to this day, and the company continues to strive for socially and environmentally responsible products. Their 18-in-1 soaps are some of the most versatile products in the vegan world, you can literally wash your hair, body, home or even brush your teeth with the same product!

Real Fake

Did you know the creators of Goat also gave us another kick-ass vegan brand?! Real Fake does what the name says… it fakes animal materials. Taking traditionally animal-based fabrics and items, but FAKING all of it! Their recognizable heart shaped logo, organic fabrics and reinvented pieces will have you swooning. Who said you need to compromise your principles when it comes to fashion?

We could go on, but you can find a few of these and other exciting vegan brands in our Geitenwollenwinkel webshop as well as our store in Amsterdam. Come say hi!