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Low budget travel tips

As much as we love packing up and heading off to discover new parts of the world, traveling doesn’t always come easy – planning it can take its toll on our stress levels and most likely bank accounts, depending on where you want to go. Having said that, it’s still unquestionable: Sometimes, you just need to get away for a little bit, right? Traveling is one of the most effective ways to cheer-up, relax and regain perspective of what really matters. And being on a budget shouldn’t stop you from doing just that. So we’ve put together a few tips in order to make your trip happen – only in a much more wallet-friendly way:

Travel off-peak

No matter how you’re planning on going, prices vary considerably according to the time of year, day of the week and even time of day. The more flexible you are, the more you’ll be able to save, so keep your options open. The good news is that most sites have graph-style displays available, so you can search for the most viable and affordable tickets, taking all factors into consideration. You can usually find it by ticking a “flexible dates” option, and going from there.

Check out a price alert app/website

Technology is the best sometimes. Nowadays you are able to download apps that will keep you posted 24/7, notifying you whenever a too-good-to-miss deal comes on. Paired with a flexible schedule, you’re guaranteed to find deals that are just too good to miss. Try apps like Airfarewatchdog , Hitlist or Hopper and bon voyage!

Keep it local

If you’re a little more adventurous, you could skip the hotels and rent local houses (or rooms) via Airbnb. The good thing about it is that you get to enjoy a more authentic experience by “living like the locals”. Speaking of locals, how about swapping your home with someone in a completely different place? Holiday swapping is also a great way of saving money and keeping it ‘local’ – Ever watched The Holiday movie? That could be you and Jude Law! (we kid. He is ours.) And last but not least, if you are extra adventurous, you could try staying with a local for free, via couchsurfing, it’s about as authentic as it gets and with a little open mind, you’re bound to make some good friends – and stories – out of it.

Forget about souvenirs

We know, we know. It’s sweet to let loved ones know you were thinking of them during your travels. But if you look at it from a pragmatic point of view, it just adds to your budget and luggage space. Does your auntie really need another fridge magnet? We’ve previously talked about living with less and being more aware of the environment. Well, this is a great chance to put the talk into practice! We assure you everyone can and will live without one more keyring in their lives.

Find free activities

Instead of hopping on tourist trap pre-paid programs, you could check out free walking tours and website that connect you with other travelers or even locals to show you around. Again, websites like or even facebook groups usually have planned get-togethers and activities for you to check out without squeezing your wallet. As for must-see museums, it’s worth checking their website before you travel, they often offer free entrance on special days of the year.

Keep an eye on deal websites

You know Groupon is pretty much available everywhere, right? If not, then chances are wherever you are will have very similar styled websites. It’s always worth checking what deals are available around the time of your trip. You might stumble upon exactly what you were looking for – but for much less.

So… Dream away…