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Why you should smile more

“When you laugh you change, and when you change, the world changes” – Dr Madan Kataria / Founder of Laughter Yoga

You know that feeling of laughing SO much your belly hurts and tears roll down your face? It has to be one of the best sensations we experience as humans, right? Laughing is indeed the best medicine, but according to science even so much as smiling brings a world of good not only to yourself, but to those around you too! We’ve gathered a few reasons why you should turn that frown upside down – at all times!

It releases endorphins

Forget about running right now, this is a much better way to get those feel-good hormones pumping! When you laugh or smile, these happy chemicals are released which triggers the brain to make you feel more relaxed and less stressed. No wonder endorphins are also known as natural painkillers. Oh, and by the way, faking it works too! The brain isn’t able to discern whether it’s real or not, as long as the facial muscles move the same way. So, give it a try even if you don’t feel like it – you’ll probably feel better anyway – Or laugh for real at how silly you are trying to fake laugh.

It relieves stress

Laughing causes the lungs to expand and fill up with oxygen, then a lot of air comes in an out – which isn’t all too different from deep breathing techniques used to relieve stress. A good genuine laughing session can also relieve built-up tension, relax your muscles and steady your breathing, giving you that ultimate relaxed feeling.

It strengthens your immune system and burns calories!

Ok, granted anything we do burns a number of calories. But when we smile, we use up to 53 muscles on our face, and laughing for 15 minutes will burn up to 40 calories. Not only that, genuine laughter also raises your heart rate, meaning you are likely to burn more calories even when resting hours later.

It will make you more comfortable

In no matter what situation, especially awkward ones. Like tripping and falling in front of a bunch of people, having spinach stuck in your teeth, meeting the in-laws for the first time… Try smiling through it, you’ll naturally feel more apt to deal with all of it.

It makes you more attractive

Smiling is one of the most appealing traits to carry. It shows you are personable, approachable and makes people feel instantly more comfortable around you. In fact, according to this study, smiling could make you more attractive to those you’re talking to. So, whenever that crush is around…

But you know our most favourite about smiling? It’s contagious!

When you smile at someone, their brain persuades them to return the favour. It’s like an instinct mimic behavior, instantly creating a sort of bond that causes both of you to release those happy chemicals into your system. That means you are both putting empathy into practice and making each other feel good – a feeling you will carry through to your next encounter. Bear in mind the same goes for frowning (Resting Bitch Face struggle is real, guys), so pay closer attention to your thoughts throughout the day, so that you exude positivity wherever you go. Good vibes spread and we think the world needs much more of it – agreed?


“Listen, smile, agree, and then do whatever the fuck you were gonna do anyway.” Robert Downey Jr